Moto Opaque Film

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MŌTO™ Opaque Film

MŌTO™ is a mixed media, opaque, bright white film. It’s made from polypropylene, resulting in a waterproof, smooth surface. This 200GSM media easily resists tearing or buckling. It’s exceptional for fluid art techniques, such as watercolor, ink and marker. Chartpak offers MŌTO™ in clean tearing, tape bound pads in three sizes: 5″x7″, 9″x12″ and 11″x14″.

Tips and Tricks

Using MŌTO™

Keep it loose.
Pigments and dyes will be fluid until evaporated. MOTO™ lends itself better to less detailed, free flowing work.

Allow extra time for drying.
Remember, water will sit on top of the non-porous sheet. Use a hair dryer to speed up dry time if desired.

Avoid touching the sheet.
Oils on your skin can repeal media.

If you’re working with watercolor and make a mistake, wipe paint away with a paper towel. The surface is stain resistant and the majority of pigments will wipe clean while wet.

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