Watercolors: Fixing Mistakes

Video: Some mistakes can be lifted by sponging with clean water and blotting; however, some “staining” pigments can’t be entirely removed.

Watercolors: Prepping Your Paint

Video: All watercolors should be diluted with water, not used straight from the tube.

General Tips: Making Hard Edges

Video: Hard-edged images can be achieved by marking off areas with masking tape.

Acrylics: Keeping Paint Mixable

Video: Acrylics dry very quickly and should be kept moist on the palette. A spray mister filled with water is helpful for this purpose.

General Tips: The Best Palettes for Mixing

Video: For acrylics, a non-porous palette, such as a large sheet of glass or enamel butcher tray works better than the traditional wooden palette, which will absorb water from the paints.  Wood, glass, and enamel palettes are all suitable for oil painting. Watercolor paint works best with a palette that contains multiple wells, these are […]

Oils: Drying Paintings

Tip: Oil paintings will yellow if left to dry in the dark. Let them dry in normal room conditions, avoiding direct sunlight, high humidity or other severe conditions.

General Tips: When to Use Varnish

Video: Protect the surface of a finished painting with a removable varnish. Dirt, dust and smoke discolorations adhere to the varnish over time and can be removed along with the varnish to restore the painting.

General Tips: Prepping Raw Canvas

Video: Raw canvas should be sized before priming by brushing with hide glue or acrylic matte medium. Prime the sized canvas with acrylic gesso or white lead primer.

General Tips: Earthtones

Video: When in a bind, the best way to create some beautiful earth tones when you have run out of your favorites is to combine Alizarin Crimson with yellows or greens to create a variety of similar earth tones.

General Tips: Breaking in a New Brush

Video: Be sure to break all of the starch out of your brush before use. Bend the hairs back and forth to loosen the starch, then soak the brush in water and squeeze the hairs with your fingers starting at the ferrule and squeezing down towards the tip. This will eliminate any starch than can […]