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63 professional watercolors developed for the demanding artist. Formulated with premium grade pigments uniformly combined in a balanced medium ensures fluid, even washes and make Finest® the signature line of this traditional medium.  Made in the USA. MSDS for Finest Watercolor

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14 ml (.47 oz) Varieties:



Burnt Alizarin

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A lightfast, transparent color, unique to Grumbacher, that has the classic intense Ruby Red masstone of traditional Alizarin, but with a rich Golden Yellow undertone. Made with permanent, modern, lightfast pigments, it is an exact color duplicate of the no longer available Alizarin Crimson Golden pigment.


SKU: W002

UPC: 14173366115

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Brown Madder

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A red with a brownish-purple undertone, it is a muted version of Cobalt Violet. Perfect for low key painting, this color tints down to a muted violet. Can be used for glazing.


SKU: W021

UPC: 14173366122

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Alizarin Crimson

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) Alizarin Crimson was the first synthetic organic color. Invented in 1869, it has the exact masstone and chemical formula of the original Madder Lake derived from the root of the Madder plant.


SKU: W001

UPC: 14173366108

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Permanent Alizarin

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A transparent Alizarin that is vibrant like our Alizarin Crimson with the advantage of permanence.


SKU: W163

UPC: 14173397218

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Alizarin Rose

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A different Hue of Alizarin than Grumbacher's Alizarin Crimson, this transparent cool pink-red emulates the original color extracted from the madder root. It is highly fugitive and should not be used in works that will be exposed to intense light or sunshine.


SKU: W182

UPC: 14173366467

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Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) Magenta is midway between red and blue with a clean, bright masstone that blends beautifully with other process-like colors such as Cadmium Lemon Yellow, Thalo Blue, Lamp Black and Chinese White.


SKU: W103

UPC: 14173397195

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Quinacridone Red

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) An opaque version of Thalo Red Rose with a slightly brownish hue, this color creates pinkish violet tints. Quinacridones are high performance pigments that are often found in automobile and industrial coatings.


SKU: W207

UPC: 14173366542

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Quinacridone Rose

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A beautiful Quinacridone cool, deep pinkish red with a violet undertone. Perfect for florals and high key paintings.


SKU: W204

UPC: 14173366511

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True Red

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) Similar to Cadmium Red Medium in mass tone, this napthol red is more transparent, bright, and slightly blue. Perfect for high key painting due to the bright oranges and pinks it can create.


SKU: W095

UPC: 14173366313

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Cadmium Red Deep

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A high chroma, permanent and lightfast Dark Red masstone with a Dark Blue undertone that resembles a deep Red Violet Hue or Maroon. It is one of the Deepest Cadmium Red available in any watercolor brand. Good for adding warm depth to landscapes and portraits.


SKU: W026

UPC: 14173366160

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Cadmium Red Medium

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A high chroma Red with a distinct Blue undertone. It is the lightest of the Cadmium Reds with a Blue undertone. Used for making oranges and warm browns.


SKU: W029

UPC: 14173366177

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Cadmium Red Light

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A permanent high chroma Red Orange with a Yellow undertone. It is one of the basic colors for any contemporary palette.


SKU: W027

UPC: 14173354273

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Cadmium Red Light

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A rich orange Napthol red, another historical color that was originally made from powedered cinnabar. Traditionally used in gilding, this brilliant red is perfect for a variety of uses including emulating Chinese ink paintings.


SKU: W225

UPC: 14173366931

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Transparent Orange

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A rich, complex orange that falls in the warm temperature range when used straight out of the tube, but falls into the cooler range when mixed with white. Slightly muted, this color still radiates an intensity when used alone.


SKU: W005

UPC: 14173397164

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Cadmium Orange

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A classic bright orange, this color fits perfectly in the middle of Cadmium Red Light and Yellow Medium on the color wheel. Mix with white for a large range of peach tones. Mix with blues for a range of bright greens.


SKU: W025

UPC: 14173366153

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Cadmium Yellow Deep

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A permanent, high chroma Dark Yellow with a Red undertone. This yellow is perfect for the deepened shadows of sun-lit objects.


SKU: W031

UPC: 14173366184

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Cadmium Yellow Medium

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A mid-range permanent high chroma Yellow with a distinctive Red undertone. Its brightness makes this one of the most versatile of all watercolor hues.


SKU: W034

UPC: 14173366214

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Indian Yellow

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A bright orange yellow that falls between Cadmium Yellow Deep and Gamboge. Creates glowing transparent glazes perfect for sun-lit scenes.


SKU: W111

UPC: 14173366351

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Cadmium Yellow Light

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A mid-range light yellow with a slightly red undertone, this color has strong tinting strength and opacity. It is great for making bright greens, and is essential to any basic mixing palette. Perfect for a split triadic palette, landscapes, or warm toned palette.


SKU: W033

UPC: 14173366207

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Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) Also known as Cobalt Yellow, Aureolin is a less intense yellow that is slightly warmer than neutral on the temperature spectrum.


SKU: W003

UPC: 14173397140

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Cadmium Yellow Lemon

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A permanent high chroma Pale Lemon Yellow masstone with a Green Undertone that is a must for every palette. Great for painting receding sunlight or distant sun-touched objects.


SKU: W032

UPC: 14173366191

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Bismuth Yellow

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) Bismuth Yellow falls into the neutral range in color temperature, although it is slightly cooler than Cadmium Yellow Pale. Like the Cadmium Yellow Pale, it is bright and has a high tinting strength, but it is less opaque which makes for beautiful mixes with depth and brilliance.


SKU: W060

UPC: 14173397171

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Lemon Yellow

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A modern, permanent lightfast cool yellow masstone with a slight green undertone. It may be considered one of the primary colors for color mixing.


SKU: W118

UPC: 14173366399

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Thalo Yellow Green

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A brilliant Lime Green masstone with a Yellow undertone that is ideal for use in landscapes and non-objective painting and an essential for low key painters.


SKU: W209

UPC: 14173366924

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Sap Green

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A transparent, lightfast Olive Green with a yellow/orange under-tone. The original Sap Green was derived from the juice of buckthorn berries and was fugitive. Grumbacher Sap Green is an exact duplicate of the masstone and undertones of the original, but is completely lightfast. It is a must for the landscape and seascape palette.


SKU: W187

UPC: 14173366474

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Emerald Greeen

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A unique Grumbacher color, this is a slightly brighter and more opaque version of Viridian. Slightly blue in undertone, this color is excellent for direct painting, landscape painting, and adding richness to any green.


SKU: W067

UPC: 14173354297

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Hooker's Green Light

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A mid-range, bright green with yellow undertones. Introduced in the early 1850's by an English illustrator, it has become one of the standard colors used in landscapes.


SKU: W107

UPC: 14173366337

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Hooker's Green Deep

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A very deep green having dark blue undertones, this color dates from ca. 1850-55 and is named for the English Illustrator Hooker of that period.


SKU: W106

UPC: 14173366320

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Chromium Oxide Green

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A mid-range metal oxide Green with Olive undertones. It is useful for muting other greens and in landscape painting.


SKU: W048

UPC: 14173366245

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Terre Verde

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A semi-transparent Natural Earth color that is an exact replica of the Italian Green Earth pigment, unavailable since before World War II. It has been a classic color in use for watercolors since ancient times.


SKU: W085

UPC: 14173366306

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Thalo Green

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A modern, permanent, lightfast high chroma cool, Dark Emerald Green with a Blue undertone. Since its introduction in the late 1930's, it has become the standard Green on every palette. It is used instead of Viridian when its less vivid effects are not important. It is used often in seascapes and landscape, and an essential for low key painters.


SKU: W205

UPC: 14173366528

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Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A deep Green masstone with an Emerald undertone that is a Hue essential for depicting foliage and grass in landscape painting. It is also ideal seascapes and all other types of contemporary painting.


SKU: W232

UPC: 14173354303

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Cobalt Turquoise

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A beautilful deep blue green, perfect for high key painting, seascapes, or emulating Art Nouveau and Art Deco color palettes. Perfectly in the middle between blue and green on the color chart.


SKU: W133

UPC: 14173366405

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Thalo Blue

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) One of Grumbacher's most favored colors, Thalo Blue is a deep beautiful cyan with a green undertone. Its high chroma and tinting strength makes it close to a Spectrum Blue for mixing with complimentary colors. It is vital in seascapes, and landscapes. An essential for any palette.


SKU: W203

UPC: 14173366504

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Cerulean Blue

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A permanent, rich, transparent Sky Blue masstone with a Green undertone. Since its introduction in 1870, it has become essential for the landscape and seascape palettes.


SKU: W039

UPC: 14173366221

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Manganese Blue Hue

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A vibrant blue with yellow undertones, Manganese Blue Hue falls on the cooler end of the temperature spectrum. Manganese Blue is often used for water and sky work.


SKU: W131

UPC: 14173397201

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French Ultramarine

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) Originally from the lapis lazuli stone, this vibrant blue is an essential of any artist's palette. A deep blue with a purple undertone, it can be mixed extensively to produce clean secondary and tertiary colors. It is a staple for shadows, portraits, landscapes, and seascapes.


SKU: W076

UPC: 14173366283

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Ultramarine Blue

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) The lightest of the Ultramarines has a mid-range Blue masstone that makes rich Blue washes that have no trace of Red in its undertone. It is slightly darker in Hue than Cobalt Blue. Originally from the lapis lazuli stone, this vibrant blue is an essential of any artist's palette.


SKU: W219

UPC: 14173366573

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Cobalt Blue Light

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A transparent Bright Blue with a greenish undertone and excellent tinting strength. It was introduced in the 1820's and has become the great workhorse of modern painting and is a necessity for landscape and seascape painting.


SKU: W049

UPC: 14173366252

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Prussian Blue

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) The first synthetic color of the industrial revolution, this enigmatic blue can create a large range of tints from one tube with no mixing. A rich blue with a green undertone, it was popular among Japansese woodblock artists for seascapes. It is the same blue used in blueprints.


SKU: W168

UPC: 14173366436

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Quinacridone Magenta

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A deep Magenta masstone with a definite Red undertone. Mixes cleanly to make a wide range of Violet tints and shades. Great for florals and sunsets.


SKU: W211

UPC: 14173366566

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Cobalt Violet Light

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A transparent reddish purple, this color is perfect for glazing. It is cooler than Thio Violet, cooler and brighter than Alizarin Purple, but warmer than Ultramarine Violet or Dioxazine Purple. Perfect for florals and sunsets.


SKU: W053

UPC: 14173354280

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Dioxazine Purple

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) Dioxazine is a rich, complex color that is very dark in masstone – so much so that it is sometimes used as a black. Creates vibrant tints when mixed with white. It’s very cool on the temperature spectrum with an extremely high tinting strength that can quickly overpower other colors in mixes, it’s advisable to use sparingly.


SKU: W061

UPC: 14173397188

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Thalo Purple

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A mid-range Purple masstone with a Blue undertone. This color, unique to Grumbacher, makes rich washes and is especially favored by floral painters.


SKU: W206

UPC: 14173366535

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Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A blue black color with a purple bias, this historic color was a popular commodity in ancient times. Used mostly for underpainting due to its slightly fugitive nature, our Indigo is made from synthetic indigo pigment.


SKU: W112

UPC: 14173366368

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Delft Blue

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) Named for the blue in the famous blue and white Delftware of Holland, this is a dark blue in masstone that brightens considerably in tints and washes.


SKU: W109

UPC: 14173397157

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Payne’s Gray

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A transparent Blue Black named for the 18th Century English Watercolorist William Payne and adapted to oil color in the early years of the 19th Century. This color makes distinctive Blue Grays when mixed with White. It is also used to dull down bright colors and create cool colors because it is easier to use than most Blacks.


SKU: W156

UPC: 14173366429

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Davy’s Gray

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A deep greenish-gray color, sometimes referred to as slate or gunmetal green. A beautiful pigment for depicting overcast days, rain clouds, rock and stone.


SKU: W064

UPC: 14173366269

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Lamp Black

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) An intense, cool Jet Black masstone with equally cool undertones. Derived from soot, this Black makes cool Grays when mixed with White. It is one of the most ancient pigments known.


SKU: W116

UPC: 14173366382

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Ivory Black

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) An all-purpose black that has a warm undertone and weak tinting strength. Perfect for mixing a variety of grays and for toning down other colors.


SKU: W115

UPC: 14173366375

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Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A Medium Warm Brown that makes washes similar to the color seen in old mono-chromatic photographs.


SKU: W194

UPC: 14173366498

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Van Dyck Brown

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) Named after the Flemish painter Van Dyke, this moody dark rich brown is identical to the fugitive original soft coal based pigment and was a favorite among the Old Masters for creating the deep backgrounds for portraiture. Excellent for creating a gallery tone effect, and chiaroscuro paintings.


SKU: W222

UPC: 14173366580

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Burnt Umber

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A dark brown clay pigment made by heating umber, this dark reddish brown is good for underpainting, tinted grounds, flesh tones, earth, hair, etc.


SKU: W024

UPC: 14173366146

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Raw Umber

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A traditional deep brown earth color, it is one of the few colors that is warm in mass tone and cool when diluted with white. A universal earth tone excellent for glazes, brunaille, shadows,etc.


SKU: W172

UPC: 14173366450

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Indian Red

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A very dense reddish brown named after a soil found in India. This chestnut color is often used in painting animals and birds.


SKU: W110

UPC: 14173366344

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Burnt Sienna

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A classic Natural Earth Brown that has a distinctive Red undertone made by roasting Natural Raw Sienna in a kiln. Although processed in the U.S.A., our Burnt Sienna is an exact duplicate of the now unavailable Italian Burnt Siennas of yesteryear.


SKU: W023

UPC: 14173366139

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Red Iron Oxide

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A bright Iron Oxide Red with a Scarlet masstone. Although its masstone is similar to that of Indian it differs in its undertone, which is Yellow.


SKU: W068

UPC: 14173366276

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Raw Sienna

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A traditional, semi-transparent Dark Yellow-Tan Natural Earth Color that is similar to, but darker than, Yellow Ochre in masstone. It enjoys a high tinting strength. Although mined in the U.S.A., Grumbacher Raw Sienna is an exact match of the masstone, undertone, and mixing qualities of the unavailable Italian Siennas of yesteryear.


SKU: W171

UPC: 14173366443

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Yellow Ochre

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A light earth tone with a yellow-orange undertone. Yellow ochre is a staple paint in any artist's collection and essential for portraits, landscapes, and old master palette choices.


SKU: W242

UPC: 14173366610

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Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A modern, non-toxic, lightfast exact duplicate of the classic bright Golden Yellow made from the gum certain South East Asian trees. It has been an essential part of the watercolor palette since the Middle Ages.


SKU: W077

UPC: 14173366290

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Naples Yellow

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) A soft yellow with a peachy bias, this is an extremely old color dating into 16th century BC, and was a favorite among the Old Masters. Traditionally used in landscape where a receding yellow is required. Also incorporated in fair to medium flesh tones.


SKU: W146

UPC: 14173366412

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Titanium White

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) Titanium White is the most opaque white with the heaviest tinting strength. It is most appropriate for direct painting or for quickly lightening colors.


SKU: W043

UPC: 14173366238

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Chinese White

Size: 14 ml (.47 oz) Introduced in 1834 as a whiter, brighter replacement for the toxic Lead White. Our version uses the modern, high chroma Titanium Dioxide pigment.


SKU: W044

UPC: 14173367167

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