Elizabeth M. Ibarra Hall Of Fame Artist



Artist Statement

I am a fine artist, custom design craft painter and former house painter whose work has been featured on canvas, furniture, clothing, decorative items and murals. My passion is for color, vibrant cross-cultural compositions and vintage nostalgia. I am originally from Massachusetts; where my artistic aspirations began. The support I was given by my parents to pursue my earliest artistic endeavors allowed me to focus on art with all its great intricacies and master painters while listening to Classic Rock and Folk Music. The lure of the ocean and the Sirens beneath continue to fuel my artistic dreams, though I now live far from Nantucket’s windy shores.

Life’s adventures have led me to travel (with family, on my own and with my husband) to countries and cities where the arts are part of the cultural environment. As an eleven year old; the experience of spending a winter in Greece fueled my passion for ancient Mythology. I have since lived in several U.S. arts cities, including Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC. The work of assisting with the restoration of my parent’s 1913 farm house and organic gardens nestled in the Blue Ridge was very grounding; a time of self-discovery fueled by the land’s old Cherokee power. It was the place I called home, no matter where I traveled to from 2001 to 2014. I had a hand painted furniture business with my Mom at our Bear Creek studio and worked a house painter for my Papa’s business as a Contractor. It was also where my husband and I were fortunate enough to have spent the first year and a half of our marriage.

The adventure of traveling to San Miguel de Allende in 2008 ignited inspiration. During my time in San Miguel, I assisted former gallery owner and artist Lucille Kligerman inventory her art collection which included works by famed Mexican muralists; Siqueiros, Rivera and O´Higgins. I met my musician husband at a concert three weeks after arriving in San Miguel; then eight months later, moved to Mexico City where we explored museums and galleries together. Frida Kahlo´s Blue House left a lasting impression; I could feel her energy lingering in the art studio.

 These life experiences have contributed to the compositions of my paintings. I am working on a series called “Archetypology” which are based on ancient archetypes in Greek mythology.  Other works are inspired by Mexican folk art and more recently I have begun painting nostalgic portraits created with vintage themes and color tones. These themes are enhanced by my passion for music and singing; my husband and I are also a song-writing duo. I currently reside in the Imperial Valley, CA where I work exclusively as an art instructor hosting workshops for adults and ASES Art classes for children.

 My work has been featured with CEART, Mexicali, B.C. Mexico, in Southern California with: The Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center, Starts with Arts Foundation, Café 101, Relay for Life, the Borrego Art Institute and at NAMTA, 2014 in the Moltow and Clearprint displays.

What Elizabeth loves about Grumbacher…

“My passion for painting began when I was 10 years old; as an aspiring artist and homeschool student on Nantucket, Island, MA. My parents enrolled me in a watercolor workshop with artist Marilyn Chamberlain. I worked with Grumbacher Deluxe Transparent Watercolors and Society Watercolor paper to create my first impressions of flowers and seascapes. These early paintings lead me to have artistic confidence; as watercolors are such a fluid and changeable medium. These Watercolors have strong pigments which hold up well while working with fluid wash techniques. I still work with my original set to this day.

I began using Grumbacher Academy Acrylics at the age of 13 as I worked on creating a portfolio under the tutelage of a professional Acrylic artist in Charleston, SC. My portfolio was used as part of my successful application process with Interlochen Arts Academy.  I have been working with Grumbacher Academy Acrylics ever since. They have excellent pigments and a thick consistency.  I also appreciate the wide range of colors available. I work with these paints on my own and as an Art Instructor with both adults and children.  I have also had great experiences with Grumbacher Bristlette brushes which hold up well after extensive use.”

Using Grumbacher since 1993