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Ryan Gatt is a Visionary Artist and Tattooer from Oceanside, New York. He owns Salvation South Tattoo in Long Beach, NY and recently co-founded The Nova Sanctuary: a 4,800 square foot art gallery and wellness center in Oceanside that holds daily yoga, meditation, a sensory deprivation tank, cafe, merch shop, art classes, and a multitude of other positive workshops. The Nova Sanctuary was created as a stepping stone for local artists to gather and sell their handmade creations, as well as a safe space for all to feel inspired and meet fellow creatives. He and his girlfriend, Shannon, have also created StormBorn Artists, an online artist collective allowing artists in many mediums from around the world to showcase their work and sell their merchandise. Ryan teaches a 3-week oil painting course, as well as a single night acrylic course at Nova each month.

On and off tour for the last 18 months, Gatt has live painted and tattooed at conventions all over the east coast, winning several 1st place / Best of Show awards for his fine art along the way, including Tattooer of the Year from The National Tattoo Association. Closest to his heart is the opportunity to paint live at CoSM , Alex and Allyson Grey’s home of Visionary Art. Ryan is currently building an online oil painting course for The Visionary Arts Academy, and creating a Patreon video blog holding tutorials, inspirational discussions, and time-lapse paintings.

“Hey guys, this is Ryan and I’ve been making art since I was old enough to hold a pencil. It wasn’t until oil painting found me that my life would be changed forever. I’m obsessed with the idea of using sacred light to create a dream world on every canvas, subliminally pulling the viewer in and bringing them to a nostalgic moment of love. In a time where people are so focused on technology, it really is magical to give them a moment to look inward at their inner child and feel something from within. I feel that my purpose is using my experiences to tell a story on canvas and allow each viewer to interpret it as they wish. My hope is that my artwork evokes a sensation of love and expands the viewer’s consciousness.”

Ryan uses Academy Acrylics and Pre-tested Professional Oils.