“Rebecca Guay’s artwork shows a distinct influence from the great Renaissance masters, revamped with a fresh dosage of contemporary cleanliness and edge. Depicting the lush, effervescent world of nymphs, gods and goddesses, these [images] capture an otherworldly realm rife with a softened kind of carnality. ” -Juxtapoz

During her 20 years of painting professionally, Rebecca Guay has built a formidable reputation in contemporary and pop culture art. The work focuses on emotionally charged themes that echo elements of the symbolists and orientalist’s, as well as undertones of pre-raphaelites with a contemporary surreal twist.

She has exhibited throughout the US and in Japan, Australia, France and Spain. Her work has shown at the Allentown Museum of Art, and The Eric Carle Museum, and has been acquired into the permanent collection of the American Museum of Illustration at the prestigious Society of Illustrators in NYC.An ARC 2012/13 finalist, Rebecca has also been the recipient of many significant awards and honors, including two gold medal awards from the Spectrum Annual and a gold Medal from the 2012 SOILA Annual for Best in the Original Works/Gallery category and a Bronze and Gold medals in the SOILA 2014 competition for the same category.

Rebecca uses Pre-tested Professional Mars Black.

Artist Rebecca Leveille-Guay