“It always remains important to me that I somehow keep my artistic interests tied, now more so the ever as I adventure into fashion design. Ideally it will be a perfect platform for me to showcase both of passions as a designer and an illustrator, giving me the opportunity to draw and develop my own prints. I couldn’t ask for a better outlet. ” – Natalia Jheté

Miami native, Brooklyn resident Natalia is currently working as a freelance fashion illustrator. After attending collage at the Academy of Art in San Francisco for art and fashion design, she moved to New York where she began to merge both of her interests – fashion and illustration. Her first artistic collaborations were with fashion/art magazines & modeling agencies, creating illustrations that were used for model show-packages as well as to accompany fashion articles. Some of her more recent collaborations include a commission to create a life-size fashion portrait/illustration that was photographed as part of a fashion editorial.

Natalia uses Grumbacher Opaque Watercolor Pans.

Artist Natalia Jheté

Natalia 's Work