Katelyn Alain is an American painter living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Her figurative oil paintings have been exhibited in galleries across the United States and featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal, American Art Collector Magazine, and Studio Visit Magazine.

Alain holds an MFA in painting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BFA from Hartford Art School. She also attended the Marchutz Painting School at the Institute for American Universities in Aix-en-Provence, France and was a resident at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT.

Through figuration and oil paint I investigate the way my mind distorts, romanticizes, and alters my perception of experiences over time. My painting process combines the basic emotive powers of portraiture with the distortion of memory to create a fusion of past, present and inevitable fiction. My painting style grew out of my attempts to accurately portray the way my brain has distilled certain memories, including what is heightened and what is abstract or residual in my mind. Somehow, in the sincere effort to recreate the ephemeral with paint, I am able to arrive at new personal truths.

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Artist Katelyn Alain